Nearly all composite manufacturing requires accurate and precise tooling, suited for the design goals of the project. Whether the need is for a few prototype parts or part runs in the thousands, it starts with tooling (molds). VX Aerospace makes affordable high temperature composite tooling from several different methods and materials. This skill is necessary for our own needs. Since our work history has required a lot of design and development and short run manufacturing, tool making has become a particular strength. VX can design and build tooling for your needs as well.

Prototyping usually requires the most direct method to develop a form, fit and function part for evaluation. Often times, usually related to the performance temperature requirements and the parts count, direct machine tooling is the answer. Traditionally, a master model (plug) of the part is built and from the master model, tooling (mold) is made. When direct machined tooling is made, the master model step is not necessary. The time and material savings make this method very cost effective.

High quality tooling is essential in the aerospace composites arena. Excellent surface quality, dimensional stability and service life are required to perform and compete. Elevated temperature cure cycles affect all of these tool performance parameters. VX Aerospace excels in high temperature composite tooling for out-of-autoclave operations. Methods and materials vary depending on the part requirements but include prepreg systems and infusion with some methods proprietary. The result is high performance tooling at an economical price. Consider VX Aerospace for your tooling needs.

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