August 25, 2010 (Morganton, NC)

VX Aerospace was awarded a direct prime contract with the Naval Air Systems Command to reverse-engineer and manufacture composite Engine Air Inlet Cowlings for the Marine Corps H-46 helicopter. The current Engine Air Inlet Cowlings are subject to wear and tear over time, since the cowlings must be removed by helicopter maintenance personnel before each flight to inspect the engines. VX Aerospace will reverse-engineer the existing port and starboard engine cowlings, and then manufacture a total of 125 sets of cowlings. The period of performance is approximately 14 months. VX Aerospace will also be responsible for installing the new composite cowlings in the field for all the East Coast H-46 squadrons. VX Aerospace has teamed with PKL Services, Inc. (www.pklservices.com) to oversee cowling installations for the H-46 squadrons based on the West Coast and overseas.

VX Aerospace VX Aerospace Corporation is an advanced composites manufacturing company, providing a full range of composite design, fabrication and assembly capabilities for aviation and defense applications. VX Aerospace combines state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, quality process controls and skilled craftsmanship to produce superior-quality composite parts and assemblies.

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